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Three Makeup Products that Celebrities Truly Love

Three Makeup Products that Celebrities Truly Love

Like most fashion trends, beauty is constantly changing and evolving. As chemists tirelessly work on making the next perfect formula, fashionistas and beauty buffs turn to their celebrity inspirations to hear what's new, what's hot and what they should be trying. Products endorsed by popular celebrities tend to see a huge spike in demand, making them a bit harder to come by, but some people will go to great lengths to capture a look they love. What inspires consumers the most is hearing about what their famous counterparts truly use in their everyday lives. Here are a few examples of celebrities and the products they are personally willing to invest in. 


Perhaps most famously, and definitely one of our favorites here at Frends, Ben Nye's banana powder has been used by Kim Kardashian to keep her model-like glow and set her flawless makeup. The powder works on a huge range of skintones, is high quality, and the price and popularity make it a desirable score for all makeup addicts. Multiple beauty reviewers have referred to it as one of the best setting powders on the market, especially for photo-quality perfect skin. It can help to avoid the pale white cast often caused by other setting powders, and doesn't give off the overly glittery sheen of cheaper imitations.

MELISSA GORGA, Real Housewives of NJ: Scott Barnes Body Bling

Glowing summer skin is key, especially to a Jersey girl. Real Housewives star Melissa Gorga likes to maintain a lovely seasonal shimmer, so she relies on Body Bling by Scott Barnes to do the trick. The original formula has a bronze base that is accented by gorgeous golden highlights, while the Platinum shade is perfect for pale skin thanks to shimmering pearl powder and accents in champagne. The product has, in fact, gained so much popularity that it is regularly used in the makeup department at Dancing With The Stars - on every single cast member! Rarely can a product be used so universally to create a uniform look. 

ELIZABETH BANKS: Kryolan Aquacolor

Both in and out of character as the notorious Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games, Elizabeth Banks loves Kryolan's Aquacolor palettes. The water based shadows are designed to look like dry pots of watercolor paint and have no metallic pigments unless specified, allowing users to create myriad looks with the large range of vivid colors. The intensity of the pigments is perfect for the red carpet and the cinematic lens, but also lends itself to a fun night out on the boulevard. For those inspired by Elizabeth's bold looks as Effie, the Aquacolor palette is definitely one to check out.

Seeing the favorite looks of celebrities in action on the red carpet is enough to make many makeup lovers immediately wish they knew every product that was used, right down to the primer! Wearing the same colors as Elizabeth Banks or the same powder as Kim can be something empowering and fun for a makeup maven. You can capture a little bit of celebrity for yourself by changing up your makeup to imitate their choices!

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