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The Frends Guide to Picking the Right Brow Product

The Frends Guide to Picking the Right Brow Product


Before you even start looking at products, you need to know what kind of brow you're going for. Do you love a bold, edgy look? Or do you prefer a softer, more natural brow? There's no one right way - it's whatever you love! Check out our infographic that can help you decide. 

Once you know what your ideal brow looks like, it's time to assess the brows you have. What do they need? Do they need some filling in? Does your arch need help? Are they unruly?

After you get a picture of where you are versus where you want to be, you can fill in the gaps with the right products. You also want to factor in the amount of time you have to work with and your budget.

It's a big world of beauty products out there; it can be hard to know which type to pick! So we've done the research for you. Here are some of our favorite brow products, their uses and their pros and cons: 

Traditional Eyebrow Pencils

Traditional eyebrow pencils have firmly held their place as a staple in many makeup bags. They're versatile, easy to work with and provide a natural finish since you can mimic actual eyebrow hairs. A good pencil will have a fine tip, allowing you more control and definition. With a fine pencil you can just add a few hairs, fill in sparse patches or define your arch - see the versatility here? 

While versatile and fabulous, you can also go way wrong with a traditional pencil. Some are too thick or dense, leaving you with heavy-handed lines. If you have trouble with this, be sure to keep it light and choose a pencil like the Anastastia Brow Wiz that has an ultra fine, and retractable tip.

Some traditional style pencils have tips that you have to sharpen, so be sure to throw a sharpener in your cart. Others have a twist-up top for added convenience. The less you have to carry in your bag, the better!

Brow Powders

If you're seeking soft, buildable coverage and volume, powders are a great option. They are sculpting, long-lasting and add volume to sparse brows. Because of their lighter texture, coverage can range from light to bold. It's easy to build intensity - just apply more!

Powders also have the added benefit of not leaving behind harsh lines, so if you're new to building your brows, you can apply with confidence.

Overall powders are a good option that provide a bold, yet soft finish, have many available shades and are easy to work with.  Anastasia's Brow Powder Duo is excellent because it offers two different shades, allowing you to create the most natural look possible. Kelley Baker's Brow Powder is also a great choice. 


If you love a bold, strong brow, pomades are the way to go. They are newer to the beauty scene and wildly popular - for good reason. They're a multitasking gem that functions as a primer, filler, sculptor and shader. It's creamy and glides on smoothly, but don't let that fool you. It won't come sliding off - it's waterproof, making it great for those sticky summer days and warmer climates.

While pomades take longer to apply, it's worth the time when you factor in the other products you don't have to use. Pomades offer coverage and control, keeping your brows in shape and in place without needing a gel on top.

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade is a gem and definitely one of our favorites. It's waterproof, smudge-free and doubles as an eyeliner. You have to love multi-functional beauty products.

Brow Gels

If you're a natural gal and you simply want to polish your brows, gels are a great way to go. Brow gels are quick and easy to apply and keep your brows in place all day. They create a natural, yet polished look and can be used alone or on top of other products. Another perk of brow gels is that they can thicken thin brows and offer buildable coverage. They are also typically hydrating and don't flake off, so you don't have to check the mirror constantly!

Gels come in different forms and shades. Clear is perfect if you're using it as a top coat or don't need much filling in. If you need a little bit of color, gels also come in various shades to match your look.  Being the brow queen, Anastasia Beverly Hills offers both tinted and clear brow gels that are easy to use.

Most gels come in packaging similar to your favorite mascara - with a tube and wand applicator. This makes application fast and the product easy to carry with you. Other products come as a sealed tube with a separate brush applicator. This isn't as convenient, but allows you to be more precise with your application.

There's also a product that offers the best of both worlds: the gel pencil. This beauty is waterproof, dries to a matte finish and leaves no visible lines, but also gives you better definition than a regular gel. We carry Kevyn Aucoin's brow gel pencil which is a great alternative to the traditional mascara wand! 

Find What's Best for You!

Ultimately, you want to buy a brow product that is going to fit you and your lifestyle. Determine your ideal look and decide which of these products works best for that. Remember, everyone's ideal look is going to be different. Be you and rock whichever brow you choose!

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