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The 411 on Yellow Finishing Powder and Why It's Necessary

The 411 on Yellow Finishing Powder and Why It's Necessary

Yellow finishing powder, also fondly known as banana powder, is taking the makeup world by storm. Professional makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, popularized it when he used it on star client Kim Kardashian. But what exactly is banana powder and why is everyone talking about it? Read on, and hopefully we’ve answered these questions and more.

What is Banana Powder?
To be exact, it's a yellow-toned powder used for setting makeup.

Why Should I Use it?
Because Kim Kardashian uses it, of course! 

Ok, we all envy her gorgeous glow, but the reasons to use banana finishing powder your look go far beyond that. This gem is silky smooth and oil absorbing, meaning you get a nice matte finish.

It's also color correcting. Any redness or dark under-eye circles are neutralized. If that weren't enough, this magic powder also keeps concealer from creasing and settling into fine lines. 

Okay, one more bonus: no white cast on your face in photos! Really. Because it has a little bit of color, you avoid that problem and instead look radiant. 

Who Should Use it?
Though it's best for skin with warm undertones, people of all skin shades have had success with it. It just happens to bring out the warmth and glow of warmer skin tones.

But It's So...Yellow
We know. The name and color can be so off-putting. It looks so yellow in the pan!

It doesn't apply that way, though. Just apply with a giant puff brush with a light hand and you'll be left with a brightened complexion. You can apply everywhere for an all-over glow or just on areas you'd normally use concealer or contouring products (under eyes, center of forehead, bridge of nose, chin).

Where to Buy Banana Finishing Powder
Yellow finishing powder is widely available now. You can find it on its own or in a contouring palette, but the one you've likely heard of is by Ben Nye, which we carry right here on this website!

This brand is what started the whole banana powder craze. Ben Nye's Banana Powder is a silky-smooth, mattifying yellow powder. It creates a smooth finish without clogging pores and is well loved by makeup artists everywhere.

Using banana powder to finish your makeup is one of the best ways to brighten your look. We know the bright banana color looks a little weird, but trust us! It's the best at neutralizing dark circles and redness and giving you a silky smooth glow.

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