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The 411: How to Actually Use the Z Palette

The 411: How to Actually Use the Z Palette

If you are a voracious reader and watcher of all things beauty on the Internet, then you've probably heard plenty of bloggers, vloggers, and gurus raving about something called a "Z Palette." No, it's not some weird bizarre new beauty gizmo that will leave you confused. Rather, a Z Palette is the go-to product for simple, customizable organization of your eye shadows or other pan makeup powder products. The empty Z palette is pre-magnetized, which means that as long as your shadow pans have a magnetic backing, they're ready to go - and if they don't, you can simply buy backings to stick on!


Okay, at this point, you might be wondering whether or not the pan shadows you have are magnetized or not. Generally, unless the shadows are advertised as having magnetized backs when you purchased them, they won't be ready for use in the Z Palette. In fact, very few brands actually offer pre-magnetized shadow pans. You aren't out of luck, however. Here's how to make Z Palette work for you.

Turn Any Single Pan Shadow Into a Magnetized One
Z Palette products are particularly perfect for one of our favorite loose pan shadows, the Stilazzi shadows. They are extremely pigmented and affordable. Plus, they're available in both matte and pearl formulations.

So how do you magnetize these single shadows? The simplest way is by using our magnetic Z Palette stickers. Using these stickers seriously couldn't be any easier to use. Simply peel off the paper backing and stick the magnet onto the bottom of the shadow. Then it's ready for use in your Z Palette.

There are other options to magnetize pan shadows, the most popular one being hot gluing a refrigerator magnet to the bottom of your shadow. However, we at Frends Beauty don't recommend that option. The magnet rarely fits right and many women have found themselves accidentally breaking their shadows using this method. The most surefire way is to use the stickers designed specifically for Z Palette.

The Benefits Of Using a Z Palette and Buying Single Pan Shadows
Sometimes customers balk at the idea of purchasing a palette that doesn't contain any product, but hear us out. Not only can you use the Z Palette to create the exact customized eye shadow palette of your dreams, but investing in a Z Palette will dramatically reduce the amount of money you spend on eye shadows. Single pan eye shadows that aren't housed in a plastic case are much cheaper to produce than those that are; hence, they cost less and are most likely an inferior product. Plus, the Z Palette is available in an array of colors and designs, making it a fun new addition to your vanity.

If you want to give Z Palette and some of those Stilazzi shadows a try, then sign up for a Frends Beauty account today. Not only will you get access to all of our amazing deals and steals, but you'll save 10% on your purchases!

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