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Stuff His Stocking!

Stuff His Stocking!

If you’re anything like me, shopping is easy. I pride myself in being a great gift giver. Sometimes though those men in our lives challenge us in more ways than one. You might think shopping on is selfish this season but it’s not! We have plenty of awesome stuff for your honeys during the holidays!



In the last couple of years men have taken more pride in grooming (lucky for us) so let’s get him into some awesome face and body care, like Anthony for Men. They have products that a lot of men tend to like, astringent pads and exfoliating wipes for one. Rarely do you see guys washing their face and dealing with cleansers, these wipes are the perfect solution!


While babes with beards are all the rage right now, shaving is still a must for a lot of the male population. I hate shaving my legs so I can only imagine having to shave your face. If your dude shaves, Pre-Shave Oil is a must! Olive, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary softens the hair, while Calendula and Vitamin E soothes the skin. Have them follow with shave cream or gel, they and their skin will be forever in debited to you!


This may sound simple but it’s hard to find one he’ll ACTUALLY use. It can’t have a funny smell, can’t be too shiny, and can’t be too sticky the list could go on. The search for the perfect lip balm for your man is over, Anthony Lip Balm Mint & White Tea is what he’s looking for. It moisturizes and soothes while staying pretty matte and if he works outside or is active it has an SPF of 25 too! 

And if all else fails buy him bacon ANYTHING! Happy Holiday shopping! 



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