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Perfecting Airbrush Makeup Application

Perfecting Airbrush Makeup Application

Once upon a time, airbrush makeup was reserved for industry professionals and those working behind the scenes in film and television. After all, the original airbrush kits were massive and way too expensive for the average person to own for their own personal use.

However, thanks to brands like Temptu, airbrushing kits are now totally attainable for just about anyone. Like so many beauty supplies for makeup artists that are becoming mainstream, you might not be completely clear on how airbrushing works and what you should avoid. Here are some tips on perfecting airbrush makeup application.

Your Airbrush Device Requires a Little Care

When you first take your airbrush kit out of the package, you'll notice that the airbrushing device itself - some call it a gun, some call it a nozzle, whatever works - is rather compact and delicate. When airbrushing devices aren't properly cared for, they can become gunky and clogged.

One of the first steps in keeping your airbrush device in tip-top condition is to never overfill it. When adding color, you want six to eight drops per application. When you overfill it, it doesn't cause more product to come out, but rather just causes the excess product to dry inside of the feed cup.

Airbrush devices also need to be cleaned, the same way your makeup brushes and Beauty Blenders do. Don't use shampoo or dish soap. Instead, use a solvent specifically designed for airbrush devices, such as the Iwata Airbrush Cleaner.

Slow and Controlled Application

Don't expect a perfect application the first time you try airbrushing. In fact, it's a good idea to practice a bit to get a hang of it. However, there are a few tips you can use when airbrushing for the first time.

First and foremost, don't clamp down on the nozzle or trigger. Instead, gently squeeze it with slow and controlled pressure. "Slow and controlled" is the name of the game here. When applying product, you want to hold the device about five inches away from your face and slowly allow the product to cover the skin, continuously moving so that the product is distributed evenly. If you've ever used a spray self-tanner, it's a pretty similar technique.

Even the pros will occasionally concentrate product too heavily in one area. When this happens, blend it out with a sponge or duo fiber brush. Don't try to add more product to the surrounding area or you'll end up with mannequin skin.

Airbrushing definitely isn't the best choice for daily wear, but for special occasions and big events, you'll be amazed at how flawless your complexion appears. Applying foundation with an airbrush kit takes a bit more time than the average foundation application, but the results are stunning.

If you're ready to give airbrushing a try, we want to help. Join Frends Beauty today to save 10% on your first purchase. You'll also be kept up to date with our newest product releases, blog posts and more.

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