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New Benefits for our Frends With Benefits account holders!

New Benefits for our Frends With Benefits account holders!

It's fun to be the bearer of good news! And today, I have some fantastic news for you all. We've added some great perks for the tens of thousands of makeup artists and makeup lovers in the Frends With Benefits program. To become a member, simply Create An Account. That's it, you're done. If you are a working beauty industry professional and you want to take advantage of advanced level discounts, click here.


Beginning this month, we are hosting two monthly giveaways for members only. The first giveaway is for members who shop with us during any given calendar month. In the end of the previous month, we will chose a random order number that will come during the following month. Whoever makes that order will have an additional $250 worth of product added to their order. And it will be a complete surprise. The second is for everyone whether they shop with us that month or not. Each month we will export the full list of Frends With Benefits members, and run the list through a randomizer. Whoever is lucky enough to land on top will win a prize that will vary in size and value each month, but it will always be something awesome form our extensive inventory. It, too, will be a complete surprise.


Don't forget, to get in on the giveaways and all of the other perks like saving 10% - 40%, access to members only sales, discounts on classes and seminars, and need to be a member. Membership is free, all you have to do is create an account on our website, receiver our emails, and you're done! Best of luck to everyone!

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