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More than Banana Powder: Other Great Products by Ben Nye

More than Banana Powder: Other Great Products by Ben Nye

When choosing beauty products to purchase, we often look to the trustworthiness of brands we already use to help us branch out of our makeup repertoire. Ben Nye makeup is well known for their Banana Powder, a mineral finishing powder used for daily wear by famous beauty and fashion plate Kim Kardashian. The color correcting effect of the yellow base powder is ideal for many makeup enthusiasts, but isn't the only great product made by Ben Nye Cosmetics. The cosmetics company has an entire line of other fantastic, high quality products that are more than worth checking out.


Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Palette

Perfect for the art enthusiast, this eyeshadow palette is quite literally modeled after an actual watercolor palette, including a centrally located brush. The palette, which retails for $65, features 12 stunning shades including four neutrals, charming silver, bright pink, blue, yellow, and two well paired muted greens and warm purples. The shadows' playful carrying case makes it the perfect gift or purchase for someone who loves the artistry behind their makeup and takes it seriously.

Ben Nye Creme Blush Wheel

Again playing to the artful side of makeup lovers, the creme blush wheel features 6 gorgeous shades of creme rouge to complete any look. Neutral peach tones are offset with coral, pink and orange-red offerings. The palette makes combining colors in a contour look like a cinch, and the variety of options available make it a great addition to any makeup artist's bag. At a retail price of $18, this easy to blend cream blush is a bargain.

Ben Nye Concealer Palette

Once you've experienced the joys of a truly great concealer palette, you'll never go back to anything out of a tube. This 12 shade palette ranges from darker and warmer shades for shadowing to lighter, cooler shades for highlights. Concealers with light pink, yellow and green bases are also available in this palette, making color correction a breeze on many skin tones. At $60, this item is perfect for a Ben Nye makeup enthusiast who wants to be equipped to deal with many different aesthetic needs.

Ben Nye Glitz It Glitter Gel

The body glitter trend of your high school days isn't gone for good with this fun product. Usable on face, body and hair, this glitter gel creates bright accents that can draw attention from across a dance floor or add the perfect highlights to a detailed hairstyle. A little sparkle never hurt anyone, and at only $8, this gel is worth having around for an occasional day or night of glitz and glamour. 

As you can see, while Banana Powder is great, it is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the broad range of products that Ben Nye offers! Eyeshadows, lip and concealer palettes in hundreds of colors, hair colors and body products are all among the many items that makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts all over the world will enjoy from this brand. 

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