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Mixing Your Foundation To Create the Perfect Shade and Finish

Mixing Your Foundation To Create the Perfect Shade and Finish

Okay, we'll be honest. We know that some of you can be apprehensive about ordering foundation online, because you're afraid that when it arrives, it won't be a perfect match. We get it! Truth be told, sometimes we're even a little hesitant to buy foundation anywhere besides somewhere where we can swatch it on our jawline.

The truth is that for most people, that "holy grail foundation" simply doesn't exist. This means that they're never going to find a perfect foundation shade for their skin tone. Humans aren't dolls. None of us have a perfect, uniform skin color.

Luckily, you can order foundation online, if you know the right tips and tricks involved with mixing foundation.

Get The Color Right

The biggest issue that people have with foundation isn't so much finish, but rather hue. When you order a foundation online, you might find that it's in the right general shade, but it's a hint too light, too dark or too orange for your face.

This isn't a deal-breaker, however. What you want to do is mix in a few drops of another foundation that will correct the issue. So, if you have a foundation that's a bit too light, mix in a few drops of a foundation that's a bit too dark. If your foundation is too bronzed or orange, mix in a few drops of a foundation with a pink or cream undertone.

You want to mix the right way and this means not doing it with your finger on the back of your hand. Instead, use a clean plate or a piece of cut glass. Mix with a spatula or Q-tips until the product is completely blended. You can even do this with cream foundations, such as the Ben Nye cosmetics pan foundations, provided that you use a spatula and mix thoroughly. You might have to tinker around with your perfect formula, but the results will be well worth it when your foundation is a perfect match for your face.

Fix An Iffy Texture

Sometimes a foundation will have a near-perfect color, but the texture is all wrong. You don't want to lose a product that's such a great color match just because it's not giving you the right finish.

If a foundation is way too matte, this can easily be fixed by adding a few drops of face oil or a hydrating serum. If the foundation has too much of a dewy finish, mix in a few drops of a mattifying primer. While it's difficult to turn a translucent finish foundation into a full coverage product, you can get fuller coverage from a sheer foundation by applying the product in multiple layers with a wet Beauty Blender.

Do you have any tips that you swear by for "hacking" your foundation? We want to hear them in the comments below. If you want to be kept up to date on all of our favorite makeup tips and tricks, then join Frends Beauty today.

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