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Brand Spotlight Mehron

Brand Spotlight Mehron

Mehron got its start in 1927 when founder Mehron Malik created his first line of rouge and pomades in New York's theater district. It wasn't long before Mehron's products were being worn by many of New York's leading ladies, including names such as Elizabeth Taylor and Judy Garland. Now, 90 years later, Mehron continues to be an industry leader in beauty, fx, and theatrical makeup.

Why Choose Mehron

1. Staying Power: Mehron products have been specially formulated to perform under even the most extreme conditions, making them perfect for day-to-day use or surviving long hours under intense lighting.

2. Variety: Since their start in 1927, Mehron has expanded far beyond their initial rouge and pomade lines. They now offer a diverse selection of products, including foundations, concealers, powders, skin prep, lip colors, eye makeup, and body paint.

3. Compassionate Beauty: All Mehron products are cruelty-free, oil-free, and fragrance-free. They also boast a large selection of vegan products, all of which are conveniently labeled under the individual product descriptions on their website.

Mehron Must-Haves

Mehron has divided their products into two categories: Mehron Beauty for everyday looks and Mehron Performance, which specifically caters to the needs of theatre, film, and FX. From beauty gurus to performers to professional makeup artists, there is something for everyone.

Mehron Beauty

Mehron Skin Prep Pro: This pre-makeup skin toner ensures that your foundation can go the extra mile. It is especially great for those long days when makeup needs to remain fresh for hours at a time. Just apply sparingly with a sponge and follow up with foundation.

Celebré Pro-HD Makeup Foundations: This world-renowned cream foundation comes in 40 different shades, and provides buildable coverage with a satin finish. It's available in individual, 0.9 oz containers, or as a refillable, 20 color palette for artists who need to cater to multiple skin tones. These foundations are also blendable, allowing for the creation of custom shades.

Mehron ProColoRing Neutralizer: This palette wheel contains 5 cream neutralizers, making customized color correction a breeze. The colors include Lilac Suede, Mint Buff, Tawny Amber, Soft Peach, and Tawny Pink, enabling you to target any skin tone or discoloration. Make sure to apply the neutralizer before foundation and concealer.

Mehron Procoloring Neutralizer

Mehron Mixing Liquid: This guy is a fan favorite. Use it to thin liquid makeup or mix it with a metallic powder to create an intense metallic liquid makeup that also happens to be water resistant.

Mehron Performance

Mehron CreamBlend Stick: This highly pigmented makeup stick offers full coverage, and was specifically formulated to stand up to the most extreme lighting conditions. Each stick comes in a 0.75-ounce swivel container and is currently available in 50 blendable colors.

Mehron Metallic Powder: This soft powder comes in 6 colors and can be utilized independently to add a subtle metallic sheen or combined with Mehron's Mixing Liquid to create ultra-intense metallic shades. Hyper versatile, it is a perfect accent for a variety of looks, including body painting, face painting, and character makeup. Alternatively, use it to add a dramatic flair to any evening look.

Mehron Barrier Spray: Who doesn't love products that are multi-functional? Not only can this spray be applied before makeup application to prevent sweat from coming through, but it can also be used as a setting spray to seal makeup. As an added bonus, it helps protect sensitive skin from makeup and adhesives, making it ideal for use on TV, stage, and for special effects.

Barrier Spray Creative Alabel

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