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Meet Samee, Frends Beauty's newest guest blogger!

Meet Samee, Frends Beauty's newest guest blogger!

This guy!

One day Matt emails me and says, “Yooooooooo! You down to blog?” 
Okay. His email might have been slightly more thought out. Just slightly. Being a beauty blogger for Frends Beauty Supply? How could I say no?


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I am Samee Tatu. I'm a Makeup Artist, Tattoo Artist, occasional Model, and new contributing Blogger for Frends Beauty Supply.

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I've been attending the Los Angeles area beauty conventions with Frends Beauty for about a year and a half now. If you’ve been to one recently you might have seen me working, giggling, and dancing at some point…Actually, at a lot of points. I LOVE WORKING THESE CONVENTIONS!! I get to connect and reunite with my Frends family, makeup legends, fellow artists, beauty enthusiasts…and I get to shop.

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Working Girl

Beauty and product junkie? Guilty. Process junkie? Double guilty. It's all about the process! Whether it's my owWorkinn or another artists, creative or non-creative, I’m grateful to take something from every experience. Here’s a few projects I've been a part of over the past year:

Photo By Artistic IQPhoto By Snakebite CortezPhoto By Snakebite Cortez

About a year ago I was part of a fantastical creative music video called "Cinnamon" by the musical duo Piel. I designed two unique but synchronistic looks for both artists. This was a fun and creative process with face charts playing a key role.

90's Music

Assisting award winning makeup artist Becca Gilmartin on Kimbra’s music video “90’s Music” was an amazing experience. Not only did I get to assist, I had my work featured on one of the dancers. I look forward to more gigs like that.

Lucky Girl

I was recently key on a movie titled “Lucky Girl” featuring LeToya Luckett, Ella Joyce, and Seraya from the Fox show Empire to name a few. After reading the script I knew LeToya’s character needed to be clean and classy while complimenting the rest of the casts slightly bolder looks.

MVP's (Most Valuable Products)

Like mentioned above… I am a product junkie and I love it! I can't help that I have a burning desire to touch and test everything. But as long as I have my staple items in my kit, I have some freedom to play and I know everything's gonna be alright. Here's a quick rundown of some of my current MVP's:

Stilazzi Large Shadow Brush 
Retail $18
I use these brushes on everyone! Like mini magic wands. I use them to apply and blend out eyeshadow and concealer. Such an incredibly soft brush and blends out beautifully.

Veil Cosmetics Concealer/Corrector/Highlighter
Retail $40
One of my favorite favorites!!  Leaves such a flawless and natural finish without caking, cracking, or drying. I apply it with the Stilazzi Large Shadow Brush. Of course!


AJ Crimson Dual Skin Creme Foundation
Retail $38
After applying this foundation my model is always left with a dewy, flawless, glowing complexion. It covers acne, scars, and pigmented enough to cover a tattoo. The color range is what keeps me hooked. There is a beautiful and buttery shade for everyone.


Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer
Retail $16
This stuff rocks!! It's the conditioning lip treatment I adore most about this little tube-o-heaven.  Just the tiniest of dabs will leave the chappiest of lips velvety soft. For realizes. And it has a super light pink haze to it that looks beautiful if worn alone.

All products can be purchased at Frends Beauty. If you don’t see the exact item online just email or give them a ring! In future posts I'll cover more MVP's and new products I get to test drive. I'll give you breakdowns of what I use, how I used it, who I used it on, and how the product held up.


Okay. 8 fun facts about me so we can totally be besties already. Well. You at least should start following my Frends Beauty Blog.

- I'm a natural hair care girl!! 3 year journey. No idea what took me so long.
- My man and I create characters and stories together on
- I live for creative makeup but clean and soft beauty is my heart.
- I make fresh veggie juice for everyday. Changed my life. I'm no vegan.
- I've had a mohawk and variations of it for over 8 years. Not gonna stop now.
- I’m a gloss girl. BUT I have been loving AJ Crimson’s Sultry & Matte collection!
- I’m an absolute FREAK for all things French Bolldogs! Le sigh.
- I love assisting! First hand learning from an artist you admire? Yes please!

Excited to share the journey,
Samee Tatu


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