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Makeup Review RCMA Palettes From Frends Beauty

Makeup Review RCMA Palettes From Frends Beauty

If you have ties to the beauty industry you've probably heard of RCMA (The Research Council of Makeup Artists). Founded in 1962 by Vincent JR Kehoe, RCMA has developed an enormous following, especially amongst the professional community.

RCMA is best known for their highly pigmented foundations which come in a large array of shades. Developed to meet the special challenges of film, television, and stage productions, an RCMA foundation palette is the perfect addition to an artist's kit.


1. Formula: These amazing small-batch cream foundations contain only vegetable oils, pure waxes, and FDA approved colors, and are free of perfume and other ingredients that are known to be troublesome, such as lanolin and mineral oil. They are also vegan (as are the majority of RCMA's products) and the company is completely cruelty-free.

2. Color Selection: RCMA's Vincent Kehoe foundation palettes each include 18 different shades, all of which can be blended together in order to create the perfect custom colors for you or your client. Also, because everything is hand-mixed, you can count on always getting the same shade with each restock.

3. Versatility: Due to their intense pigmentation, the RCMA palettes can be used as both foundation and concealer. The broad range of shades also makes them ideal for highlighting and contouring.

Palettes on Offer

Kehoe Palette #10: This foundation palette boasts 18 different shades and is ideal for light to medium-dark skin with neutral or warm undertones.

Kehoe Palette #11: Like the Number 10 palette, Number 11 features 18 different shades. It is best used to augment very fair to medium skin with cool or neutral undertones.

Series Favorites Palettes: RCMA also offers their Series Favorites palettes, each of which contains 5 foundations that complement specific shade families.
-KA: Very pale to fair skin with slight yellow undertones..
-KO: Light to medium skin with neutral undertones.
-Olive: Light to medium skin with cool undertones.
-Shinto: Light to medium-dark skin with warm undertones.
-KT: Medium to dark skin with reddish undertones.

How to Apply

With RCMA foundations, a little goes a long way. They have about twice the pigmentation of most commercial liquid makeup, and around 10-15% more than typical theatrical brands. For that reason, using one of the foundation palettes can involve a bit of a learning curve, especially if it is your first attempt.

All you need is a tear-sized amount in order to achieve full coverage for the face. Using the back of a brush or a palette knife you can just scoop a little out of each shade that you will need and place it on on the palette or even the back of your hand. From there you should swirl the colors around a bit to warm them up and make application easier. You can also take this opportunity to blend colors in order to achieve a custom shade.

Whether you're applying foundation, concealing, or contouring you should only place a tiny amount of color onto your brush or sponge of choice. RCMA is buildable, so it always best to start with a lighter layer and work up from there.

Once everything is in place, we recommend finishing up with a little of the RCMA No Color Powder to set the makeup and prevent any creasing or shine down the line.

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