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Makeup removal made (very) easy.

Makeup removal made (very) easy.

My girlfriend and I normally have late night FaceTime calls on our iPhone's because we don't get to see each other too often. She's beautiful without makeup, but she always goes out of her way to look stunning for me. So even at midnight, she still has a full face on. The expertly crafted smoky eyes that make my heart skip a beat. The gorgeous red lips. The perfectly sculpted contour. No matter how hard I try to make her understand that she could call me looking like a garden gnome and I'd still love her, it falls on deaf ears and I am forced to FaceTime with a supermodel. I guess it's not that bad...

 But after the call, when I can immediately roll over and melt into my bed; she still has to shower, and take her face off. To be honest it makes me feel terrible. And if you are a hard working, career woman, you understand the stresses of looking your best throughout the day. You may not leave the office until six or seven in the evening, then you meet up with friends for happy hour, get home, feed your pets, do laundry, clean up around the house, check email because in 2016 work never really stops...


And The Makeup Eraser will help you get there faster, by making the process of taking your makeup off so damn easy.


No chemicals, no weird smells - just water.

Let me say that again - no chemicals, no weird smells - just. water. Simply wet The Makeup Eraser, and wipe the makeup off of your face. It literally could not be easier. No only do you get to skip out on rubbing chemicals onto your face, you get to save a bunch of time, and save a bunch of money not having to continually purchase, use, and repurchase liquid makeup removers. It's reusable and will survive up to 1,000 washes. You just need The Makeup Eraser, and some water.


You're a busy professional working woman. You likely understand the importance of good time management. Create an account on our website and pick up The Makeup Eraser now. They come in pink and black. By creating an account you will get 10% off. Make sure you tell your friends to come get them as well!


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