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Makeup or Photoshop?

Makeup or Photoshop?

This is a Public Service Announcement. Several minutes ago, I was on Instagram reading comments on a severely photoshopped picture posted by a popular Instagram makeup guru. Many comments were asking how to achieve this look. The obvious answer is photoshop. But then it went downhill. I noticed many, far too many impressionable young women comparing their real selves, to what amounts to a cartoon. A hand drawn caricature of beauty.

Some went to far as total self-deprication, saying things like "When I put on my makeup this morning I thought I looked good, but seeing this makes me realize how ugly I really am." disgusting. terrifying. absolutely sad, and wrong. Now let me make something clear. Right now there is a lot of drama between the Instagram makeup guru crowd, and the more traditional professional makeup artist crowd. In this, I am Switzerland. I am personal friends with tons of them on both sides, and they each do their own thing and I respect it. But at some point, with a large following comes the social responsibility to steer those followers in the right direction.

No young woman should be comparing herself to what is overtly not real. Yes...we sell makeup, and yes some people use makeup to mask their looks and try to be someone different. But this usually does not work. Makeup should be used to enhance inner and outer beauty, and increase confidence. As someone who is looked up to as a makeup artist, you have a responsibility to keep it real with the people who make your work popular. Together we need to make sure that we hold this responsibility sacred, because people's well being truly does hang in the balance. If 'your thing' is cartoonish perfection via, just let people know so they aren't trying to compare themselves to it. Young people are impressionable, and the best way to help mold young girls into strong women is to instill a sense of confidence in them...not smash it to pieces.

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Thursday, 06 October 2022

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