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Lipstick Lovin' - It's #NationalLipstickDay

Lipstick Lovin' - It's #NationalLipstickDay

Ahhhhhhhhh, yessssssss...Lipstick, we love you so much we had to create a holiday just for you. The great thing about lipstick (not that there aren't a million great things), is the moment you put on that ravishing red shade, sultry nude, or flirty pink, it finishes your face. Like adding a great pair of heels to jeans and a tee, or that perfect clutch to your "I'm gonna kill it tonight dress". Yes that is what lip stick is to us beauty junkies; it's the finishing touch to bring it all together.

There are endless types of lipsticks, so many that choosing the right kind and color is a science! Should I go with the smooth and soft Lip Creme? Maybe a pouty, I just back back from the beach sheer lipstick? Or perhaps a hell let's go all out glam with a super matte wine red!

Yes, I understand it's only brunch but, this Lorac Pro Matte Lip Color finishes my look, ok!?!?!


While we are on the subject of LORAC, one of my favorite all around lines, let's chat about their recent launch of the Pro Matte Lip Colors. These bad boys are seriously fab. They're a cross between a liner, and a lipstick; kind of like if a chubby stick got lipo. The slightly pointed tip makes drawing a perfect lipline a piece of cake. While you're at it, go ahead and eat a piece of cake cause these stunning shades are NOT budging! Whether you want nude or vixen inspired lips, Pro Matte Lip Colors have it!



As you may know, I get to play with products all day long. Yes, that is seriously part of my job. With that said I think my lips have been every color of the rainbow, some I like to forget ever happened. Anyway, one of the newest additions to our lush lips family is the AJ Crimson S&M Collection, which doesn't stand for what you're probably thinking (mind out of the gutter please). S&M stands for Sultry and Matte. AJ's names are so perfect for their S&M title, I had to have EVERY SINGLE ONE...partially because of the names. Chasing Saturday, Role Play, Round Two...I DIE. But besides their awesome names, the colors are insanely bold, but not obnoxious by any means. I must say AJ Crimson has color tones down!



Time to give lipstains some love. Honestly stains are my jam. Unless I'm hitting an event, ultra glam is not always my call to action. I loooooove a good lip stain like the Beaute Liqui-Gel Stains. I can truly say I have yet to find another product like this on the market. Use them both for your cheeks and lips and you can literally rock a Vegas pool party and never have to retouch. Also, the colors trick you, and they're so buildable. For instance, the gross orangey one you see third from the left is actually the prettiest coral I have found. Totally unexpected. The other orange tone goes on pink!!! Mind blown. Use them lightly for a sheer color or layer them for a more intense shade. Seriously a must try!

That's my little rant and rave on lipsticks! Hope you enjoyed and if you haven't already, try one of these products out! Happy shopping and happy National Lipstick Day! 




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