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Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas - Infographic

Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas - Infographic

Sometimes life gets in the way and we procrastinate on Halloween looks. So for all of you busy folks out there, we put together this Halloween makeup infographic that's easy enough for everyone of all levels of makeup expertise to follow, use, and benefit from. Don't forget to shop the Frends Beauty Halloween makeup section on When you post your looks on Instagram, hashtag #frendsbeauty so we can see them!




HalloweenrMakeupTips rev


David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust

  • Scotch tape
  • Orange,Turquoise, and Black creme face paint (Recommended: Global Body Art Face Paint)
  • Angle brush (Recommended: Stilazzi Angle Brush)
  • Lashes or mascara
Creating The Look:
  1. Apply your foundation and setting powder as you normally would
  2. Use the Scotch tape to create the shape of the orange part of the lightning bolt over the right side of your face.
  3. Using orange creme face paint, drag your brush along the inside of the tape.
  4. Remove the tape and fill in the inside of the lightning bolt.
  5. Follow the outer portion of the lightning bolt with turquoise face paint. 
  6. Using an angle brush, paint a thin black line between the orange and turquoise colors. 
  7. Finish with lashes or mascara, if desired


Snapchat Puking Rainbow Lens

  • White eyeliner
  • Liquid white eyeliner
  • Light Pink eyeshadow (Recommended: Jouer Powder Eyeshadow)
  • Brown eyeshadow (Recommended: Viseart Matte Eyeshadow Palette)
  • Pink blush (Recommended: Ben Nye Powder Rouge)
  • Pink lipstick
  • Rainbow Colored face paint (Recommended: Global Body Art Face Paint)
  • Lashes
  • Mascara
Creating The Look:
  1. Apply your foundation and setting powder as you normally would
  2. Loosely blend pink shadow along your eyelid and into the crease.
  3. Heavily line your lower eyelid with white eyeliner inside and below your waterline to make your eyes look bigger.
  4. Trace along the outside of the white eyeliner with brown eyeshadow to blend it out.
  5. Add pink blush along the top parts of your cheekbones, apples of your cheeks and a on the tip of your nose. Don’t be afraid to make it really pink!
  6. Add pink lipstick to your top lip only. 
  7. Starting on the left side of your face, draw a line with red face paint from your bottom lip down your chin and neck. Follow the same stroke with orange, then yellow, and so on.
  8. Using a liquid white eyeliner, draw a few stars around your mouth and along the rainbow to create the stars.
  9. Finish with lashes and mascara, if desired



  • Fishnet stockings
  • Shimmery blue and green eyeshadow palette (Recommended: Viseart Boheme Dream or Bijoux Royal)
  • Shimmery copper or gold eyeshadow palette (Recommended: Lorac Unzipped Gold)
  • Glitter (Recommended: Ben Nye Aqua Glitter)
  • Teal eyeliner
  • Lashes
  • Mascara
Creating The Look:
  1. Using a pair of fishnet tights, slide one leg over the top of your head so that it covers the top half of your face.
  2. Dampen the skin along your temples, forehead, and cheekbones using a wet sponge or spray bottle. 
  3. Pat a shimmery blue eyeshadow along the damp skin and then a shimmery green on top of that. Don’t be afraid to make the colors uneven so that some areas are more blue and some are more green.   
  4. Add glitter over the shadow to make your “scales” shimmer.
  5. Line your eyes with teal eyeliner
  6. Loosely blend the shimmery copper or gold shadow along your eyelid and into the crease. 
  7. Finish with lashes or mascara.

Day of The Dead Sugar Skull

Day of the Dead makeup comes in a variety of designs. For a super fast and easy option, try our Little Miss Sugar Skull makeup kit. If you are feeling more adventurous and want to create your own design, follow these steps for the basics of the design. Don't forget to add your own personal touches!
  • White, Black, and Red creme face paint (Recommended: Day of the Deadly Halloween Makeup Kit)
  • Black eyeliner (Recommended: Lorac 3-in-1 Waterproof Pencil)
  • Makeup sponges 
  • Lashes or mascara
  • Setting spray
  • Ben Nye Super White Setting Powder
  • Black eyeshadow
Creating The Look:
  1. Using a makeup sponge, evenly cover your face with white creme face paint leaving circles around your eye sockets from your brows to below the “bags” under your eyes.
  2. Set white creme with Ben Nye Super White powder (or any white or translucent powder you have on hand)
  3. Using black eyeliner, trace the empty circle from your brow to below your eyes and line your lashes.
  4. Fill in the circles with black face paint so that you have two large black circles around your eyes.
  5. Set the black creme with black eyeshadow
  6. Using the black eyeliner draw a triangle (point side up) with the point starting at the bridge of your nose downward to the edge of your nose (not quite reaching your nostrils) and fill it in with black face paint. 
  7. Set black creme triangle with black eyeshadow.
  8. Using the black eyeliner, draw petals around the outside of the black eye circles and fill them in with red face paint.
  9. Line your lips with the black eyeliner and fill in with the liner so it lasts all night! 
  10. Using the black eyeliner, draw a line extending from the corner of our lips to your cheek bones, curling the lines at the ends. Add short perpendicular lines along the line to create the look of teeth
  11. In the center of your forehead extending from your hairline, draw a spider web or flower petals (depending on your preference)
  12. Mirror this design on your chin.
  13. Add additional black dots or fill in shapes on your face with colored face paint or eyeliner as it suits your preferences. 
  14. Finish with faux lashes, mascara and setting spray.



  • FX Transfers (Recommended: Tinsley FX Transfer Zombie Rot)
  • Green, White, and Brown/Black face paint (Recommended: Global Body Art Face Paint)
  • Eggplant purple or black eyeliner
  • Stipple sponge (or rip up a regular white makeup sponge to create uneven texture)
  • Fake blood (Recommended: Fleet St. Bloodworks)
  • Translucent Powder
Creating The Look:
  1. Peel the plastic off of the FX transfer and cut it accordingly. Each transfer will come with its own best application instructions which should be followed.
  2. Place the wounds around the face and neck in your desired areas. 
  3. Mix the green, brown, and white face paint together to your desired color and cover the face (including lips and FX wounds) with the colored paint.
  4. Use a translucent powder to set the face and lips
  5. Line the waterline around the eyes with a purple or black eyeliner
  6. Use the stipple sponge and dab brown or black face paint over the entire face. Make this uneven to add texture and dimension.
  7. Add fake blood to the inside of the wounds. 

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