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Is Makeup For Men Here To Stay?

Is Makeup For Men Here To Stay?

While we here at Frends Beauty are big fans of looks, we understand that one of the most rudimentary purposes of makeup is to conceal imperfections and amplify natural beauty. For years, women have had the luxury of being able to throw on a little concealer to mask a nasty blemish or use some mascara to hide a sleepless night and create a more wide-eyed look.

It's a little unfair that makeup has traditionally been reserved for the ladies. Thankfully, society is changing and those old, boring rules about what men should or shouldn't do are flying out the window.

If you're a man who'd like to start using a bit of makeup to conceal imperfections, don't worry, 
you're in good company. It's become a heck of a lot more commonplace and the stigma around it is quickly disappearing.

If you want to build a mini arsenal, keep reading. Here are some products that we think are perfect for a man who wants a simple morning routine. 


The draw to makeup for most men isn't the over-the-top eye makeup looks or bold matte lips, but rather just concealing those blemishes and red marks. Concealer is an easy way to hide those imperfections without having to apply a full face of foundation and powder.

If you're looking for a concealer, we recommend the ProColor Concealer Wheel from Mehron makeup. You'll receive a product with five different hues, which means that you can blend to find your perfect hue, which means that no one will realize you're wearing anything. Mehron is a brand primarily used in the film and theatrical makeup industry, so trust us when we say that many a man before you has worn their products.

Clear Mascara

We think that every man should have a tube of clear mascara. It's the best-kept secret of male grooming.

You can use clear mascara to easily groom every bit of hair on your face. You can use it to keep errant beard hairs in place, in addition to smoothing down your eyebrows for a more groomed look. You can also use it for its traditional purpose, on your eyelashes. It will help to widen your eyes without that obvious "makeup" look.

Powder or Blotting Papers

Feel free to use powder if you want to reduce shine! It's not like this is even uncommon. Male news anchors and politicians always keep a container of powder on them to reduce shine before they go on camera. We strongly recommend the RCMA No Color Powder. When they say "no color," they mean it. This translucent powder will easily blend into your skin, doing nothing except for eliminating oil and shine.

If powder's a bit much for you, try blotting papers. They soak up oil and shine without distributing any product onto the skin.

All of these products will be invaluable in any man's routine. If you want to explore more and play with more products, go for it! Makeup should be for everyone. Whether you're a man trying makeup for the first time or a seasoned pro looking for even more products, join Frends Beauty today to save 10% on your first order.

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