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How to Polish Your Look After the Gym in Under 20 Minutes

How to Polish Your Look After the Gym in Under 20 Minutes

Maybe you were getting your sweat on by doing lunges and squats, or coming off an amazing spin class. Whatever your gym workout of choice is, now it's all about the pretty. It's time to refresh your look and get on with the rest of your day!


Some women wear heavy makeup to the gym and then sweat through it, but most head there with a bare face and then do a post-workout beauty fix. Here’s how look radiant and gorgeous in under 20 minutes (shower included!).

Since you’re in a time crunch don’t spend too long in the shower. If you can, avoid washing your hair the standard way with shampoo and water. Instead opt for a dry shampoo to give your hair a quick refresh. After your shower don’t forget to moisturize right away. You’ll want to lock in any moisture you can with lotion. Your body and face will thank you.

Since time is of the essence, don’t waste time with a regular foundation and the blending that goes with it. Choose a tinted moisturizer instead. We love Lorac CC Cream for its quick absorption and coverage. This amazing color correction cream acts as a primer, moisturizer, skin tone balancer, foundation and concealer.

Next, add a little blush to cheeks. A touch of blush is necessary and adds warmth and natural-looking color to the face. Blushes come in a ton of soft, pretty shades, and you can apply it dry or with a little moisture.

Your brows need a little attention too, because they frame the eyes. To get a polished look, we recommend any one of the Anastasia eyebrow makeup products. Use short strokes to fill in brows and then comb through them with the brush featured on the opposite end of the Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil. A fuller, more natural looking brow can go a long way.

Mascara is absolutely essential, as it opens up the eyes in a great way. Our Kevyn Aucoin Curling Mascara is worth every penny. The formula actually adds curl to your lashes, doesn't smudge and lasts for hours.

A little lip color never hurt any gal. The simplest way is reaching for the lip gloss, one with a light base and soft color. We are addicted to NYX Butter Gloss. These lip glosses are inexpensive and come in shades that sound good enough to eat like Creme Brulee and Strawberry Parfait. Plus, they add just the right amount of shine.

Getting ready after a workout doesn’t need to take a long time. This routine produces a clean, refreshed look that isn’t heavy or over-done, and simple enough that anyone can pull it off.

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