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How to Make Your Halloween Makeup Last Longer

How to Make Your Halloween Makeup Last Longer

I had a customer come in the other day, doing some early planning for a fantastic, stand-out Halloween make-up look. After discussing what she had in mind I asked what I could do to help. She looked up at the lights with both hands on the counter, took in an exaggerated inhale of breath and said, "I want to party my ass off this Halloween and I don't want the make-up to come off." We both had a good laugh at her honesty and we came up with a solution that would do the trick to make her makeup stick longer for Halloween. Skin Saver and Krylon's Fixer Spray.


This combo is like Batman & Robin. After hearing her needs, I began to think of my partying days and my heart sank; there’s a lot of elements out there that are looking to destroy your Halloween make-up, even if you use alcohol activated make-up. Your "Joker"? YOUR OWN SKIN. It sweats as soon as you bust a move on the dance floor, OR your prosthetic doesn't want to stick to your face as soon as you step out of the house. This is where "Batman" comes in: Skin Saver Barrier Lotion!!!!!!!!

Skin Saver does exactly what it says: Saves Skin. Starting off in lotion form, you apply the appropriate amount to face, hands, wherever else needed, and rub in until dry. Once dry the skin's surface has been prepped and is now water proof for the next eight hours or so. The dry surface also allows for make-ups and adhesives to have a better grip. On top of it all you’re protecting your face from the often harsh make-ups and glues WHILE moisturizing. You can't beat that! But depending of your plans for the evening: "Batman" may need back-up, that's when we call in "Robin”: Krylon Fixer Spray.

Kryolan Fixer spray is not your ordinary fixer spray. You probably already have your favorite make-up sealer, but is it really gonna hold up against ALL of the elements of the night? Extra heat from dancing, talking, sweating, drinking, hugging, kissing and in my case: face slapping sometimes. This is a lot for your “daily" fixer spray to handle before you have to reapply, which means you have to carry something else with you for the evening. Why not seal it and forget about it? Kryolan's Fixer is used to make sure products like AquaColors don't flake, pop, peel or smear off of dancers, performers, living statues, fire breathers and the works. I even have some of the girls in our beauty department using it for these extra hot days in Southern California.

In short, with these two fantastic products you could probably take a hit from Super Man and your sugar skull make-up won't move. It will leave you with the ability to enjoy your scary evening and in a lot of cases, every day life, without having to worry about your face. Combining these to products, you've created the dynamic duo. Protecting your skin and your makeup from being ruined. I use this combo when working on clients all the time, it makes my job easier and my clients don't have to worry about how they look. I hope this technique helps you like it helps me. In fact I plan to use this combo myself when I go out this Halloween and party my ass off!

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