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How to Choose the Right Brow Shade for Your Complexion

How to Choose the Right Brow Shade for Your Complexion

In recent years, eyebrows have become a major focus in the fashion industry. The shape, color, arch, and other aspects of one's eyebrows can really change a person’s entire look. Picking the best eyebrows for your face can make or break your look, and we are here to help you determine the right shade of brow makeup for you.

The first step in making your brows as beautiful as they can be is shaping them. You can pick the right shade, but it's nothing without a flattering shape. There are several products that can assist you in achieving the perfect shape - tweezers, scissors, and stencils assist in getting that perfect arch. Once you've found the best shape for you, it's time to figure out the best shade and product for you.

Picking the perfect brow shade can be tricky. There are so many different products from companies like Anastasia makeup, and multiple colors to choose from, but the best way to find your perfect product and shade is to test drive different ones. Start with a basic taupe color - it is complimentary for darker hair but not overwhelming for those with lighter hair. Try applying it with different pressures to change the intensity of color. Different products will also give different results. Powders are more subtle, whereas gels and pencils such as Anastasia's brow wiz can be more bold.

Focus on using your brow makeup to complement your eye color, skin tone, and hair. A good rule of thumb is to try to stay within two shades of your hair color. If you have dark eyes, pick a brow shade that is lighter than your hair color and vice versa. Exact matches aren't important as long as the shades are complementary. In fact, sometimes matching too closely can ruin your look. For instance, if you have blonde hair, matching that blonde in your brows can wash you out. Opt for going a few shades darker or even match your base color instead. Knowing your skin will help as well. If you have pink undertones, choose warmer colors when selecting a brow shade. There is a product for you no matter what look you are trying to achieve.

Once you have found the right shade and shape for you, it's time to apply. Play around with it. Start small; apply minimal amounts so that you can build your look. This helps you to decide what will be most flattering for your face. Some makeup companies even have brow stencils that can help you perfect your shape. Natural brows tend to have different tones, so sometimes you'll find it works better to use more than one type of brow color - a powder to fill in sparse spots followed by a gel can really elevate your brows while still looking natural. Once you get the shape and application techniques down, you'll have brows to die for!


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