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How Safe is Your Halloween Makeup?

How Safe is Your Halloween Makeup?

Did you know your Halloween makeup supplies could be dangerous? Most of us don't think twice about getting the cheap makeup and fake blood from where we got our costumes - but you might want to think twice. Harmful ingredients in these off-brand products are awful for your skin; especially be on the lookout for these: 

Face Paint
This category contains some of the worst offenders - a recent study showed that 10 out of 10 face paints tested contained lead. Six of them contained nickel, cobalt and chromium; irritating metals you do not want on your skin!

They can also contain color additives that are not FDA-approved. No thanks!

In order to save time and money, some people grab whatever glue they have at home. We can appreciate the thriftiness, but that type of glue should not be used on your skin - it's just not made for that.

Plan ahead and purchase an adhesive made for theater use. These are safe for skin and will do a great job at holding whatever you need it to.

Untitled design 10Fake Blood
It seems harmless, right? Just a little liquid and red dye - no big deal. Wrong!

Unfortunately, the red dye used in most fake blood can react with petroleum and cause skin irritation. This is problematic, especially when petroleum is a staple in Halloween makeup techniques.

What Can You Do?
Don't worry, this doesn't mean going bare-faced and boring on Halloween night. You can still have fun with your face, you just have to be careful. 

Whatever you decide to use, make sure to do a patch test first. Apply the makeup to your neck or forearm at least a couple of days in advance to test for a reaction - if there is one, don't put it anywhere near your face!

Our best suggestion, though, is to choose a better, more familiar brand for your Halloween makeup supplies. There are plenty out there that don't contain these harmful ingredients and do an even better job, as they're made for the stage. Every brand we carry falls into that safer category.

It might seem like one night isn't a big deal, but you really want to avoid the same ingredients that you do in your everyday makeup. Try a better brand this year and have fun knowing your skin is safe!

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