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How Often Should You Wash Your Makeup Brushes?

How Often Should You Wash Your Makeup Brushes?

Once or twice each day, you carefully cleanse your face. You frequently launder the clothes you use to wash your body. But when was the last time you gave any thought to your makeup brush, a crucial part of your beauty regimen that you use daily? Think about it: your brushes are gradually accumulating a grim collection of dead skin cells, bacteria, dried cosmetic particles, dust and dirt from the air. With that in mind, isn’t it time you learned exactly how, and how often, you should clean your make-up brushes?

First, let’s talk about frequency. If you are a professional makeup artist, you will need to thoroughly cleanse all of your brushes after each use. Failing to do so can spread bacteria between clients and can lead to nasty infections. If it’s just for your personal use, you can do a spot cleaning every day, with a more in-depth washing once per week. The exception to this rule is eyeliner brushes, which really do need to be cleaned after each use to maintain that crisp line you’re looking for. Also, every time you change blush colors, you will need to thoroughly cleanse the brush.

Just how do you go about cleaning your brushes? Choose a good brush cleanser which will thoroughly clean all of your natural and synthetic brushes, leaving them soft and smelling great. There are two different types of cleanings that you will want to perform: spot cleaning should happen after each use, while deep cleaning only needs to occur once or twice per week. To spot clean, simply dilute a small amount of brush-cleaning shampoo in water and put it in a spray bottle. Spritz it onto a paper towel and use it to gently clean the bristles of any brush you might use. Performing this quick procedure after each use helps to prolong the life of your brushes and minimizes the risk of break-outs.

As its name implies, deep cleaning is more involved and comprehensive. To accomplish it, you must first decide how you want to go about performing the cleaning process. Fortunately Sigma Beauty
has some amazing options you can use to make this easier, including a brush cleaning glove and brush cleaning mat.


The brush-cleaning glovegives you the ultimate hands-on approach to maintaining your brushes. With its various textures customized to clean each type of brush, you will get the effective and thorough results you want. For another take on brush cleaning, try Sigma’s brush-cleaning mat. This enables you to do your brush cleansing right in your sink, while still being able to use the mat’s various surfaces to get the dirt, build-up and particles out of all types of brushes.

After your brushes are nice and clean, you might think you’re done, but you’re not. You still need to make sure they have a way to dry thoroughly. To accomplish this, hang them upside down or over the edge of a table to make it possible for air to thoroughly circulate through all the bristles. 

By taking these steps, you can guarantee that your make-up brushes will give you the optimal color every time in the most sanitary way possible. Whether you are a professional makeup artist or just a regular person who wants to make the most of your makeup brush investment, taking these steps will give your brushes the thorough cleaning they need while helping your face to be as beautiful and healthy as possible.

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