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Have you ever worn mink eyelashes?

Have you ever worn mink eyelashes?

Let’s talk lashes, shall we? If any of you have shopped at the Frends Beauty retail store, you'll know we are VERY serious about our lashes. Like, we have a whole wall dedicated to eyelashes (you can find most of them on this website too). We stock about 10 different brands of lashes but one brand truly stands out, Velour Lashes. I spoke with Mabel Lee Founder and CEO of Velour Lashes to get a little inside scoop on Velour false lashes.

Velour Lashes is the company behind the mink trend that changed the eyelash game. There have been many expensive and lavish lash brands to pop up on the beauty scene but these Velour blazed the trail as the first company to introduce 100% authentic mink lashes. Don’t worry they ARE cruelty free, there are no shaved, hairless animals running around. We promise. Once Velour Lashes got into the hands of celebrity artists, they quickly became the most sought after lashes on the red carpet. Stars such as Beyoncé, Jessica Alba, Kate Upton and many more won’t be seen without them. I must admit, when I saw the price of them, I thought to myself, you must be joking?!?! For eyelashes??? THEN I tried them and I’ll NEVER go back.

I know what you're thinking, why mink? What is soooooo great about mink lashes? Velour false eyelashes are made through the shedding process so there is never a hard, blunt end, which is why they look so natural. Each hair tapers at the end. Mink hair is soft and lightweight. Not only do they look full and flirty, but Velour Lashes are actually comfortable to wear! Velour developed a cotton-thread band to allow easy application and all day comfort. Oh, I forgot to tell you the best part!!!! Velour eyelashes can be worn up to 25 times when properly taken care of! Ok, so worth the money now!


"Angela and I absolutely had a love for lashes, more so an addiction! Before Velour Lashes, there really wasn’t any lash available that looked super natural, full, and comfortable. All the lashes available back then were very fake and really were so uncomfortable! It started out as a passion to create the perfect lash for our eyes, and little did we know, as we launched the business MANY other girls had the same problem as us. The brand has truly taken off since then!”

Mabel and Angela (Mabel’s partner) have truly created a trend in the beauty industry that won't be fading anytime soon. Of course we don't want you buying the wrong pair, so here are a few of our favorites and best-selling recommendations. For a natural lash: You Complete Me or Clusterholics. You love drama? Oh they have drama…check out Lash In The City and Strike A Pose. If this post hasn’t quite sold you yet, just go out on a limb and buy a pair! Wear them one night and you’ll never go back.My personal fav? Soft, stunning and flirty…Whispie Me Away has me hooked!


XOXO! Brielle

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