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Halloween on a Budget!

Halloween on a Budget!

Is it just me, or does it seem unfair for Halloween to happen right before you have to take out a small loan to afford the upcoming holidays?! Like, why can’t it happen in May, so we can spend all our money creating the most epic Halloween costume ever? I guess in a perfect world that would be the case, but since it lands in the season of pumpkin spice lattes and far-too-early Santa decorations the best I can do is give you some ways to blow Halloween outta the water on a budget!


Let’s talk injuries first. Let’s face it, being a dead anything is perfect for Halloween, especially when you’re short on time and money. You can pretty much dirty up any outfit you own, add fake blood and call it a day. Of course, you’ll need to put in some work on your face; which is where the Ben Nye Character Kit 3-D Effectscomes to your aid. This kit is a mere $24.00 and has everything you need to create a gloriously gory look. In this kit you’ll find wax to sculpt gashes, cuts, gouges and slices. There is also liquid latex to add texture, spirit gum if you plan to have a loooooong night, an injury wheel to add color and bruising, and blood of course. Ben Nye’s kit even gives you the tools like a fine brush; stipple sponge, wedge sponges and a remover so you’ll be setup from start to finish.


Going on my 8th Halloween working at Frends, I can tell you the number one makeup people come in for…Sugar Skull / Dia de los Muertos. Sadly though not everyone is an outta this world face painter, so creating the perfect Sugar Skull could be tough for some. Which leads me to the next item that will slay your Halloween makeup but not your wallet - Tinsley Transfers Tattoo FX Sugar Skull Face. This nifty little number is a water tattoo transfer, like the type you used to get from the donut shop on Sundays. Only far better. It’s literally applied with water, stays on all day and night and it costs $5.95. I’m not joking. Just create a smokey eye and add some glitter… BOOM! Halloween on point.


Since mermaids are my spirit animal, I’m going to share a mermaid making secret. It involves two core products but you can elaborate on it if you want. First you’ll need a fish net style wig net (Frends carries them FYI) and you’ll want some shimmery eyeshadow colors like Stilazzi Pearl Eye Shadow Refills, pigments work well too. Pull the wig net onto your forehead and temples, using a shadow fluff brush like Stilazzi S124 or Stilazzi Large Shadow, start brushing shadow colors of your choice over the wig net on your face. I like to start with deeper blues and greens toward my hairline then work into lighter shades. Some Stilazzi colors you might like are PS16, PS17, PS18 and PS20, considering they are only $3.50 each you can get a few! When you remove the wig net you’ll have shiny little scales! Finish your mermaid makeup with some beautiful eye shadow and a fun lip color! I love to add rhinestones of course. And don’t forget to set your scales with a fixing spray, like Ben Nye Final Seal! 

Happy Halloween! XOXO!


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