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Hair Couture now available at Frends Beauty

Hair Couture now available at Frends Beauty
Hair Couture offers incredible products, and Frends Beauty carries the beautiful and widely varied hair extensions made by Hair Couture. Frends Beauty, like Hair Couture, embraces beauty and confidence, thus the two are a marvelous match.
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Hair Couture hair is made of 100% Chinese Remy Hair, a silkier and smoother hair than their competitors. Chinese Remy Hair naturally blends better with all shades of blonde. "Remy" means that each cuticle of our hair faces the same direction. This helps to prevent tangling. Hair Couture hair can produce the lightest & platinum blondes. Hair Couture now offers 36 more blonde color mixes than any other competitor! Just imagine all the different blends you could create for your clients or for yourself!
Hair Couture offers the highest natural grade of real human hair to produce the best in quality and durability for natural looking extensions. Hair Couture hair also possesses an elasticity that can be stretched without risking damage, it also is less susceptible to damage that may be caused by chemical treatments. Only 100% natural organic glue is used by Hair Couture, to reduce the occurrence of shedding. They have no inconsistent colors, no animal hair, no fillers, and no synthetic mixes.
Looking for extensions that will withstand heat and enhance any style you want? Look no further! Hair Couture Hair maintains any look you desire from extremely straight to bouncy curls. Frends Beauty is proud to offer Hair Couture Hair. It is 100% human “Remy” hair, so you can do just about anything to your Hair Couture extensions that you could do to your own naturally growing hair. Frends recommends that you treat the hair with a hair mask at least once a week, and always use heat protection before using any type of hot tool against the hair!
These amazing hair extensions can be worn up to 9 months with good maintenance! It is recommended that you have them taken out and get them touched up by a professional every 3 months to keep them looking natural and fresh. Hair Couture’s excellent product really stands out in the industry!
Hair Couture is proud to offer education to hair specialists to bring about the most effective products and services. Leading the market in extension technology, Hair Couture first introduced the No glue, No tape, No mess, "Invisi-Line Smart Hair" extensions in the European and Asian markets. Hair Couture is truly one of the best hair extension products in the business.
This incredible company owns their own factory, which is VERY important to bringing consistent colors and quality to our clients! They are managed by a 3rd generation family of hair extension experts! The top quality is recognized by professionals and clients globally, as this product becomes more and more well known for it’s fine, natural, and tangle-free hair.
Hair Couture offers a diverse line of hair extensions for all types of end-users. They are a One Stop company for hair extensions!
Frends Beauty offers high quality Hair Couture hair, which brings solutions, not just hair pieces! Our new expanded store now offers more space to bring you more incredible products and expertise. Stop into Frends Beauty today to learn more about Hair Couture Hair Extensions.
Frends Beauty would also like to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in the ModelRock + Roshar Lash Art Event that we recently hosted. We'd especially like to thank our sponsors, including hair Couture. The gathering was a wonderful success and we are so proud to have hosted this beautiful gala. 
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