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Glam Kitti available at Frends Beauty!

Glam Kitti available at Frends Beauty!

Leave your make-up bag at home! Celebrity Make-Up Artist, Monifa Mortis, has created a fuss free, all-in-one compact, Glam Kitti, that allows you to keep all of your favorite products in the palm of your hand. Who wants to lug around a big bag and full-sized products and potentially risk losing, breaking, or spilling your favorite make-up? Glam Kitti is shatterproof and will keep everything covered, sanitary, and neatly separated.

Glam Kitti features 7 separate spaces to hold up to 7 different make-up products. The kit is separated into three sections: Mini Wells, Powder Well, and Tool Well. Each section includes its own lid. The 6 Mini Wells are used to hold creams, sticks, and glosses. It is recommended that you steer clear of powder products or any liquids (water, gel, etc) in this section. The Powder Well holds powder make-up products. This area includes a ridged bottom and acts as a sifter to remove excess powder from the puff included. The Loose powder contains a leak- proof lid that keeps contents securely sealed. The Tool Well is where a biodegradable bamboo lip brush and professional-grade cosmetic applicator reside. These necessary make-up application tools, as well as 12 blotting tissues and a lightweight, unbreakable mirror are included in Glam Kitti. There is additional space between the Mini Well and Tool Well to store other essentials or tools.

Glam Kitti is very convenient in size and takes up very little to no room in any purse or evening bag. The convenience of the product makes it ideal for travelers, Brides, or those who just simply want glam-on-the-go! The compact is TSA compliant and allows for quick touch-ups throughout the day. It carries up to 7 make-up products of your choice and makes it easy to transition your daytime look into an evening look. It is suggested to keep multiple kits with different make-up looks for your convenience.  If you prefer one Glam Kitti, then you can just wipe out the tray with a cotton swab and refill it. 

Glam Kitti is an affordable and more convenient alternative to those typically have handfuls of products at the bottom of their purse. No more product spillage, make-up mishaps, or mother nature ruining your picture ready face. You can be ahead of the game and ready with just a touch-up from this kit! The Glam Kitti will be at the available at The Make-up Show New York this weekend at the Frends Beauty booth. Be sure to stop by booth C6 and say hi to your favorite "Frends" and Glam Kitti Founder, Monifa Mortis. She will be at our booth debuting and selling this brilliant beauty breakthrough! We'll have the Glam Kitti available online and in store soon!

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