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Frends Beauty To Beast Artist Spotlight: Kristofer Buckle

Frends Beauty To Beast Artist Spotlight: Kristofer Buckle

Kristofer is a force to be reckoned with. Some of the other people here at Frends Beauty have known him for quite some time, but this was my first time meeting him. When he enters a room, all eyes are on him. Kristofer has worked with some amazing artists like Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Britney Spears, Cher, and more. He is an absolute perfectionist and loves dramatic, classic glamour. He's also a collector of vintage makeup like original Max Factor and Steins. We asked him some questions about his career, check them out below.

- Who are you? 
Kristofer Buckle

- How would the audience know you?
I have worked with most of Hollywoods A-listers and some of the most influential musicians

- What got you interested in the makeup business?
When I was a child I was obsessed with transformation and artifice. I loved puppets, Hollywood glamour and anything that sparkled. Makeup was a tool I could use on the outside to illustrate who someone really was on the inside ...or who they wanted to be.

- Did you attend school for makeup artistry, if so where?
I never went to school for makeup. I was a very painted person in the 80s and pushed the limits of my features and the tolerance of my makeup was big and so were the lessons when things went wrong. I started painting every face I could and realized that every face brought me something new.

- What would you say is your specialty in this field?
I am known for symmetry structure and elevated glamour that is representative of the individual.

- What area of the makeup industry is your favorite and why?
I work very well in the entertainment industry. I love to add another dimension or image to someone's amazing talent. I think looking pretty and looking like a star are two different worlds.

- What is some advice and tips you can give someone that is starting out?
Introduce yourself with your full name and let everyone know what you do. Don't use products or techniques just because someone else does....follow your eye and be your own artist that has a point of view...lastly, don't be afraid. Take chances and know that none of us ever know everything, we are all trying to be better every day.

- What is your favorite makeup look to create?
I think most makeup artists love makeup, so any time I can put the pedal to the metal with a contoured cheekbone lots of lashes and a vibrant deep lip I'm in glam heaven.

- Specializing in beauty, what are some products that you can’t live without in your kit? Why?
I love RCMA foundations. There are great colors and they travel well (no leaking) I also love Ben Nye bronzers and loose powders because they are especially great on darker skin.

- What would you say is the most challenging part of this business?
Scheduling!!! If anyone knows how to clone a person I'm in!!! It's hard to be available for everyone all the time and I have formed friendships with many of my clients so it just kills me when I'm not available for them...and the traveling is ferocious!! I've lived out of a suitcase for 19 years....ok enough complaining.

- Who as an artist has inspired you most in this industry? Why?
I can't say any one artist. I am inspired by so many beautiful makeups I see and sometimes the person who did it isn't even a makeup artist. Everyone has their own path and their own goals and their own way of getting there. Each career has its own one of a kind engine.

- Artists in this business tend to travel a lot, do you have a favorite place you've been to? Least favorite?
There's no place like Rome!!...there's no place like Rome!! But put me on any beach in the world with my kit and I'm one bitter person.

- When you're not working, what other things do you like to do?
Oh my god I can't remember..ummm...I like baking and I love to throw a themed party.....usually with lots of makeup!  

- Tell our readers something about yourself that would surprise them.
I was the quarterback for my high school team.....HaHa!! I grew up singing and I had a record (a single) out in 1991 under the name IKON on Destroy kinda sucked but you can see it on YouTube if you need a laugh.

- What are some of your goals and dreams as an artist?
I am very grateful that so many of my dreams have already been realized, but more is more so I won't be satisfied until every person on earth owns a product with my name on it.....there I said it!

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