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Frends Beauty to Beast Artist Spotlight: Jordan Liberty

Frends Beauty to Beast Artist Spotlight: Jordan Liberty

I'll be honest, we didn't even think about doing this shoot without our friend Jordan. His personality screams energy, and his talent absolutely shines. We asked him some questions about his career, check them out below!


- Who are you?
Jordan Liberty

- How would the audience know you?
It could be from my editorial work in magazines or my successful YouTube channel that follows my work as a pro makeup artist and photographer. I've been in the industry for 10 years, but I've been straddling the fence between working professional and YouTube creator for 4 years now.

- What got you interested in the makeup business?
It was a mix of my passions growing up; fine art, portraiture, photography, and fashion. It just took a while for me to figure it out! I fell into the industry by chance.

- Did you attend school for makeup artistry, if so where?
I grew up in a family of artists and went to art school - I never attended school for makeup but it's amazing how much makeup relates to fine art. I feel lucky to have grown up in an environment where art was encouraged so much!

- What would you say is your specialty in this field?
Editorial and commercial print work. And as a photographer, I get booked a lot to do both makeup and photography which I absolutely love. Print media is definitely my specialty but video/TV work is a large part of my livelihood.

- What area of the makeup industry is your favorite and why?
Beauty for sure; definitely more editorial looks. It's not stuff you'd wear to the grocery store, but that's why I love it - it's a fantasy.

- What is some advice and tips you can give someone that is starting out?
Take business classes. Stay away from gossip (it's a small industry). Make yourself stand out.

- What is your favorite makeup look to create?
I'm sure this isn't unique, but I love smoky eyes. Especially if they're glossy and a little messy. Very high fashion and eternally sexy.

- Specializing in beauty/character/FX what are some products that you can’t live without in your kit? Why?
Veil Complexion Fix concealer is my new holy grail. It's a super lightweight concealer that preserves natural looking skin while covering. Benefit's High Brow Glow pencil. I use it to create targeted highlights on the face in lieu of contouring. Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate. Not only is it a great moisturizer, but I mix it with liquid concealer to create incredibly natural looking foundation.

- What would you say is the most challenging part of this business?
The business side. I think a lot of new artists forget that this is a serious business and you need to know your stuff. Living off of your talent takes a little business savvy.

- Who as an artist has inspired you most in this industry? Why?
Probably Francois Nars. He's a brand creator, makeup artist, photographer... He wears many hats and so do I - and he's had a lot of success (obviously)!

- Artists in this business tend to travel a lot, do you have a favorite place you've been to? Least favorite?
You know, it's funny because I just got back from Milwaukee and I loved it! Who knew? It's an adorable town with lots of culture and I had a small love affair with it. I love traveling, and honestly haven't found a place I disliked (yet), but ask me again in a year haha!

- When you're not working, what other things do you like to do?
Right now I'm decorating my first home. If I wasn't a makeup artist, I'd probably be an interior decorator! I love simple things. The beach. My dog. The Real Housewives. Indie films.

- Tell our readers something about yourself that would surprise them.
I think many people are surprised at how introverted I really am. My public persona is confident, but I'm really quiet around new people. Honestly, I'm most relaxed and "myself" around other people in the beauty industry.

- What are some of your goals and dreams as an artist?
To continue doing what I love and getting better every day. I love working for myself and would like to say that's what I'm doing still in 30 years!

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