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Freelance Makeup Business 101 (v13.0)

Freelance Makeup Business 101 (v13.0)

Goal Setting

Today we are going to talk about goal setting, because it may be the difference between you getting stuff done and having a successful business, and you sitting around doing nothing while the world passes you by. The toughest part of being a freelancer for many people, is NOT having a leader to guide you to success and keep you on track. And tragically, many good leaders are not good at leading themselves. I'm the non-commissioned officer in charge of my unit (when I'm playing weekend military guy) and I do a pretty good job. But I am pretty terrible at getting things done for myself to be honest.

I have some pretty lofty goals for where I want to be in 20 years, and I am sure you do too. But, like many, I find myself week after week being no closer to hitting them. Sound familiar?

So in the last quarter of 2014 I sat introspectively for several hours one day, thinking about how I can put things together to my liking. It took me back about ten years to a company I was working with at the time, that was in a similar situation as I was personally. We brought in a brilliant management consultant who introduced several new concepts, and new ways of thinking to us as managers. I'll never forget the first day. We spent at least four hours discussing what we wanted out of the business, and personally. Each answer we gave, he wrote it on a post-it note, and then stuck it on the whiteboard. In no time, the whiteboard was full, so he started sticking them on the wall, the windows, the conference table, you name it.

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This is not an actual picture but I swear this is pretty much what the conference room looked like atfer the first day with this dude.

For most of the day we weren't quite sure exactly what the heck was going on, or why we hired this guy. By the end of the day, however, we realized we'd just gotten the most amazing lesson in setting goals one could ever ask for. You see, when the day began with 'what do you want out of this company', the first answer was a lofty dollar amount. From there, we broke the goals down, down, and down further until our overall company goal was broken down to nearly hourly.

Confused yet?

Ask yourself this question, then answer it for me: What is your main goal?

You probably will say something along these lines: "I want to be a successful makeup artist" or "I want to make good money so I can support my family". Close? That makes sense, and those are great goals to have.

So how the heck do you plan on doing that? Your plan to be successful and support your family cannot be by being successful and supporting your family. That's like when someone tries to describe a word to you, by using the word to describe itself. I see what you did there...

In order to be successful and support your family, you need to get granular, and identify the actions that you must take in order to make that happen. You can begin this by WRITING DOWN your goals on a Goal Board. Some people call these Vision Boards, and they put visual representations of what they want on them, but I don't think these are a good idea. They do not give you actionable guidelines that you can follow. So I use a goal board, that forces me to WRITE my goals. This way they are implanted in my psyche.

My white board 2

This is not my goal board, but this is a pretty good Monthly one.

Depending on your needs and your ability to get things done, you can choose between Monthly, Weekly, or Daily Goals. Personally, I choose Weekly. Monthly is too long of a time for me, and let's be honest, Daily is a bit of a challenge because...well I mean, I'm a busy guy. So I make Weekly goals. Sometimes just one, sometimes ten. On the top of my board, I wrote down my three goals for the year. Below them, I have two weeks worth of goals, and once one week is done, I erase it and move onto the next, then fill in the following week's I am alternating positions week after week. I find this system to be really helpful, easy to follow...and MOTIVATING!

I will hit all of my weekly goals. My weekly goals are the fuel that my yearly goals need in order to be hit. My yearly goals tie directly into my long term goals. See how that works? By starting from the end goal, then backing the goals down into smaller and smaller goals which feed into their parent goal, your ability to achieve the success that you want becomes much, much easier, because every day, you are doing things that will lead you to your end goal. Make sense now? Pretty awesome stuff, right?


Go get yourself a dry erase board and hang it in your room. Write them down. Look at the board every day. Achieve them. You will find that getting to that end goal now becomes far more realistic, and you will find yourself being more productive every day. A little planning and motivation will take you far!

I hope you find this method helpful, and we at Frends Beauty wish all of you artists out there the greatest level of success!

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