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BEAUTY SHOWDOWN: Cream vs Powder Blush

BEAUTY SHOWDOWN: Cream vs Powder Blush

Here at Frends Beauty, we're huge fans of how makeup techniques that used to be reserved for the professionals have now become more mainstream. Now more than ever, ordinary beauty enthusiasts have access to the products that professionals and makeup artists swear by.

When it comes to putting color back into the cheeks, options include both cream and powder blushes. However, we can't help but wonder: Is one better than the other? Does cream reign supreme or is powder blush the better option?

To help you decide which product is right for you, here is our analysis of cream versus powder blush: the ultimate showdown.

Cream Blush Pros
Have you ever seen a powder disaster? You know, that unfortunate result when a girl goes way too hard with the powder products. Instead of looking glowing and youthful, she looks ten years older than she actually is. Yikes!

Cream blush is optimal for achieving that dewy look, which is what we're all really going for. When applied over a light BB cream, you'll look like you, just slightly enhanced and without flaws.

Cream Blush Cons
While cream blush is perfect for achieving that "woke up like this" makeup look, it can be a little too natural. Cream products don't "pop" like a powder can, as powder products tend to be more pigmented. Also, cream products don’t travel well, especially in the hot summer months. Let's face it: your coral cheek blusher suddenly doesn't look so cute when it's melted down your neck.

Powder Blush Pros
If you want to steal that dramatic look you saw on Instagram, powder blush is going to be your best friend. Powder blush also tends to be the go-to pick for professional makeup artists, who swear by products like Powder Rouge by 
Ben Nye for its wide array of hues and staying powder.

Powder Blush Cons
Can you say cakey? While powder is perfect for that dramatic night or sophisticated office look, it's definitely not something we'd want to sport at the beach or pool. The idea of enjoying a hot summer day with too much powder on our faces literally makes us cringe.

The Verdict?
When it comes down to it, we're going to have to call this showdown a draw. Powder and cream blush products both have their pros and cons. When it comes to an elaborate or professional makeup look, powder wins every time. It stays in place and allows you or your makeup artist more precision in application.

However, for a natural or summer look, cream blush is your best bet. It's light, doesn't feel heavy and looks great over BB cream. If you have five minutes or less to do your makeup, cream is ideal.

No matter which blush you prefer, we have it. Join Frends Beauty today and save 10% on your first order. Let us know in the comments if you're "Team Powder" or "Team Cream."

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