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Beauty Emergency: How To Fix A Broken Makeup Palette

Beauty Emergency: How To Fix A Broken Makeup Palette

 However, like laptops and cell phones before them, makeup palettes unfortunately have a tendency to slip out of our hands. Everyone has probably, at some point or another, been a total butter-fingers and let a makeup palette fall to the floor. Unfortunately, while we're wild about makeup palettes, they're not the world's most durable product.


If you've dropped your makeup palette and it's broken, we have the solution, no matter how you've broken it. Here's our guide to fixing a broken makeup palette.

The Problem: The powders have shattered and become loose.

The Solution: Typically, when you drop a makeup palette, the most likely scenario is that the palette pan itself is fine but one or more of the powders have broken and crumbled into a loose powder. Fear not; turning a loose powder back into a pressed powder is shockingly simple.

To begin, you'll need rubbing alcohol, a small clean mixing dish and some paper towels. Take the contents of the pan and pour them into your mixing dish. Don't try to scoop up any product that's fallen onto the floor. While it can be tempting to want to save every last speck of an expensive eyeshadow or blush, the product may have been exposed to bacteria that you definitely don't want on your face. If some of the product in the pan doesn't want to come out, use a sterilized needle or the tip of a knife to scoop it into the dish.

Use a clean sharp object to break up what's in the dish so that it's all a finely milled powder. Next, you're going to add the rubbing alcohol. You might be shocked at the idea of adding a liquid to a powder, but alcohol is actually what bonds a pressed powder. As your powder sets, the liquid of the alcohol will evaporate, but the powder will remain pressed together.
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When it comes to how much alcohol you should add, unfortunately there's no set amount. It depends on how much powder you have in your mixing dish, which can vary depending on the product. What you want is a paste-like texture, not a runny liquid. Add the alcohol in small drops until you have a paste that is smooth, but not visibly wet.

Next, pack the mixture back into the pan. Take a paper towel and press it over the mixture, using a flat surface to press it all in. This will ensure that the surface of your product is smooth. Let it dry overnight and in the morning, your product will be as good as new!

When it comes to reattaching the pans to the palette, you can use a dot of nail or super glue. If you're going to be putting your repaired product into a magnetized palette but the pan doesn't want to stick, cut out a piece of a refrigerator magnet and glue it, black side facing out, onto the bottom of the pan. Voila, your beloved shade has been completely fixed.

The Problem: The colors are fine, but the mirror is shattered.

The Solution: Sometimes the shadows survive the fall, but the mirror is a mess. First and foremost, check the colors thoroughly for any fine pieces of glass. The last thing you want is to accidentally put a tiny shard of glass or plastic anywhere near your face.

While many of us can just learn to live with a cracked mirror, the perfectionists among us want nothing more than to get rid of it. Most mirrors are attached to palettes with an adhesive, so the best way to get rid of it is with acetone, also known as nail polish remover.

When you sit down to pick off the mirror, take some safety precautions. Put a cloth over the colors so that no acetone or broken glass falls into your products. Next, put on a pair of old leather gloves to prevent accidentally cutting yourself as you remove the mirror.

Soak a rag or paper towel in acetone and gently begin dabbing at the edges of the mirror. You can use a sharp object to pick off the pieces as the glue dissolves. Once you've gotten all the pieces of the mirror off of the palette, use a bit more acetone to remove the last bits of adhesive.

From here, you can either just keep the palette as-is or you can hit up the craft store to find a new mini mirror, which you can attach to the palette with nail or super glue.

The Problem: The colors are fine, but the palette pan itself is destroyed.

The Solution: There's no solid advice on what to do if the pan is broken, but know that all hope is not lost. If possible, you can use super glue to try to repair the palette. However, if the palette seems as if it's beyond repair, don't think you have to toss your beautiful colors.

Instead, use a knife to carefully remove all of the pans from the palette. Work slowly and carefully, as it's easily to accidentally wreck the pans while you're doing this. Once you've removed the pans, you're going to need to find a magnetized empty palette, such as the Z Palette.
To adhere the pans to the magnetized palette, you can do one of two things. The simplest option is to invest in some magnetic stickers that can easily be attached to the bottom of your pans to render them magnetized. Alternatively, you can use the previously mentioned trick, which is to cut up a refrigerator magnet and glue the pieces to the bottom of the pans with the black side facing out. While this definitely works just fine, we find that the magnetized stickers tend to create a firmer hold, which is crucial should you ever have another palette mishap.

We hope that this guide has shown you that hope is not lost when you drop your beloved palette. Let us know in the comments all about your worst makeup mishaps and how you fixed your fabulous favorite products.

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