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Are you buying fake cosmetics?

Are you buying fake cosmetics?

As a health conscious beauty lover, you tend to care about what goes into making the products you wear on your face. You probably pay close attention to the different chemicals in cosmetics. Cosmetics companies typically spend a lot of time researching the right formulas that deliver the wearability and blendability that consumers want, while focused on using mixtures that promote healthy skin. Counterfeit products that come from random Chinese factories, Just no. Super no.

In 2015, London police intercepted a shipment of almost 5,000 counterfeit MAC Cosmetics products inbound from China. They were likely headed to small street markets or bazaars, where it's easy to sell and tough to track. Other places where these are popping up like mad are websites like eBay and Amazon. We've found instances of counterfeit Ben Nye Banana Powder being sold for 2x retail prices there. Say whut?

If paying twice the going rate for counterfeit products doesn't rattle you, this will. Most of the factories where these products are produced are filthy, to say the least. Use your imagination when thinking about filthy Chinese factories with little oversight. Lab tests have confirmed counterfeit cosmetics and perfume to contain human urine, cyanide, arsenic, mercury, lead, and more. These can cause allergic reactions like rashes, irritation, burns, swelling, or worse.

At Frends Beauty, we only work directly with brands and only sell real products. And we stand behind that. Please do yourself a favor and know where the cosmetics you wear are coming from, and do not get caught up in purchasing counterfeit products on sites like eBay and Amazon, or off of street corners. Your health will love you for it!

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