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Amazing Foundations You Might Not Have Heard Of

Amazing Foundations You Might Not Have Heard Of

Finding a good foundation can be so tiresome and frustrating. If it’s the right shade, it’s the wrong texture – it seems like there’s always something not quite right! If you’ve searched high and low for your holy grail foundation, try these little-known superstars:

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Pro
Very popular among pro makeup artists, this silicone-based foundation gives silky smooth, gorgeous coverage. Because of its silicone base, it doesn’t require a primer – it’s basically built right in! It also keeps the formula from creasing and flaking, leaving you with a long-lasting, smooth finish. 

Makeup artists rave about its blendability and lightweight feel. Though it offers amazing buildable coverage (from medium to high), you’re not left feeling like you have an oil slick on your face. 

This formula is great for dry to combo skin as-is. It’s hydrating but oil free. If your skin tends to be oily, you might need an oil absorbing primer and setting powder. 

If you’re worried about finding a good shade match, the search ends here. This foundation comes in 16 shades – 12 skin tones and 4 adjusters - leaving you plenty of room to lighten or darken to match your exact shade. This is great because you can easily adjust your shade for the seasons. It also comes in 2 different sizes, offering something for everyone. 

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Pro is a fan favorite for good reason. Its beautiful finish lasts all day long and photographs beautifully – perfect for special occasions and weddings.

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer
Don’t let its small container fool you; this product packs a punch! It’s highly pigmented, so every drop counts. 

It’s probably one of the thickest foundations we’ve ever come across. A pinprick amount will cover a blemish; a pea-sized amount can cover your whole face. Despite its thickness and heavy coverage, it’s surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

Because of its high pigmentation, it’s very versatile. You can use dots of it as a concealer, apply all over for medium coverage or add to moisturizer or primer to make your own tinted moisturizer. On its own, it doesn’t have a lot of slip, so it really does well when added to a moisturizer.

This makeup artist favorite comes in 16 shades, so there’s sure to be one to fit your needs. If it weren’t already awesome enough, it’s also infused with honey and jojoba oil, so it’s extra hydrating and soothing.

The Sensual Skin Enhancer is one of Kevyn Aucoin’s most well-known products for a reason: it works! It can be a little tricky to work with at first, but once you figure it out, it’s a gem you won’t want to go without.

BECCA Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème
A full coverage, lightweight foundation seems like an impossible paradox. You usually have to sacrifice one or the other. Not with this beauty. 

Becca's Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme is a thick crème, like Kevyn Aucoin’s skin enhancer, and is surprisingly lightweight. It owes that to its 22% water formulation (most others contain only 5-10%). This means that it won’t feel heavy on your face and will blend to a beautiful, natural finish. Makeup artists rave about how much it looks like real (but perfect!) skin. 

Similarly to the Sensual Skin Enhancer, this versatile gem can also be mixed with a moisturizer for a lighter coverage. However you use it, it lasts all day and holds up in the worst humidity and heat. It doesn’t oxidize either, so the shade you get from the tube is the same shade you’ll see at the end of the day. 

Reviewers appreciate its pump dispenser – it works well, so there’s little waste. It’s also very skin-friendly with no parabens, ulphates or phthalates. 

This little-known crème, with its full coverage and lightweight feel, might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

This foundation from Koh Gen Do has been their top product for over 20 years. That alone should give you a good idea about its quality. It was created with advanced technology from Japan and takes 3 times the normal amount of time to create – you know there’s something special going on there!

This product is a lighter formula than the previous foundations mentioned and gives a natural-looking, sheer finish. Despite its sheer quality though, it still offers the buildable coverage of a cream foundation. 

It contains 2 types of light-reflecting powder particles. What does that mean for you? Minimized fine lines, pores and uneven skin surfaces. Powder sounds drying, but not in this case. It is formulated with 60% water, 10% mineral pigments and 30% filtered botanical oil – hello, moisture! 

This foundation is very skin-friendly. It contains no parabens, synthetic fragrances or dyes, phthalates, GMOs or triclosan, so you can feel good about applying it every day.

A celebrity favorite for good reason, this lightweight foundation is a must for natural-looking skin. Just be sure to use a setting powder on top to make it last.

When it comes to finding your favorite foundation, sometimes it helps to look outside the box. While these may not be big brand names you're familiar with, beauty bloggers and makeup artists rave about them. Try one and see what all the hype is about!

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