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3 Brow Must-Haves for Professional Makeup Artists

3 Brow Must-Haves for Professional Makeup Artists

It's official: it's the year of the eyebrow, and it doesn't seem like this trend is going to fade anytime soon. If you're a professional makeup artist, you know how important it is to have the right tools to help every woman achieve that "brows on point" look. Before you stick with your typical eyebrow pencil you've used for years, it's time to spread your wings and add to your arsenal of brow beauty.

Brow Fillers

Gone are the days of overplucked eyebrows and in are the times of full, luscious brows. Even if your client has naturally full brows, fillers give them more volume and definition. Pencils are still a great option, but try the Kevyn Aucoin brow gel pencil that coats the eyebrow hairs and is completely waterproof. Anastasia's Brow Pro Palette is a multi-toned palette that lets you purchase one compact set of brow powder to suit all of your clients' unique colors. 

Brow Gel for those No Make-Up Days
If your client comes in barefaced, you don't want to send them out with perfectly filled-in brows. Instead, use something like MUD Brow Gel, a waterproof gel that coats the hairs for a natural, well-groomed look. A slight sweep through the brows gives your client a filled-in brow without it looking overly tailored like a pencil or powder would make it. Many make-up artists use brow gels on actresses in movies when their character is not supposed to be wearing makeup, but they still need a groomed brow. 

High Quality Tweezers
Whether you thread, wax, or fully tweeze your clients' brows, you're going to need a good pair of tweezers for getting those stray little hairs the other techniques just don't get. As a pro, you know there is more than one type of tweezer out there, and you could probably find a use for all of them if you really tried. But if you need just one go-to tweezer, there are a few things to look for. 

Pointed tweezers will get you the most accuracy because the tips are so fine. You can pull specific hairs in the middle of the brow without pulling out a huge clump, or you can even grab those infuriatingly short hairs. You don't see many DIY pluckers using this type because the ends are quite sharp, and pointed objects shouldn't be that close to an eye unless you're a licensed esthetician. With a slanted tweezer, you get the precision of a pointed tweezer and the advantages of a straight tweezer. It's the most popular type because you can use it as a pointed tweezer or as a straight edge depending on the area of the eyebrow you're tweezing.

Before you stock your brow bag with the same old tools, consider upgrading your belongings to something fresh and new. Whether you're choosing one of the Anastasia Cosmetics brow powders or you need a pair of new tweezers, having the right tools is going to make all the difference in your clients' satisfaction.

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