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6 Tips to Help Your Makeup Last Throughout the Day

6 Tips to Help Your Makeup Last Throughout the Day


1. The Right Foundation
Just as building a house begins with a solid foundation, applying makeup requires a smooth, durable base. Find a gentle product that goes on light while evening your skin tone. For an all-day formula, try an oil-free cream, such as Lorac’s Natural Performance Foundation.

2. Moisturize
Any makeup is only as good as the skin it rests on, which is why using the right moisturizer is essential. Though the perfect product depends on your skin type, it is always best to opt for something lightweight and gentle that provides a smooth, non-oily surface so makeup stays where it belongs. 

3. Polish with Powder
No-color powder is a longtime trade secret for makeup artists who create looks that last, but we think it's time everyone knows about it. Products such as the RCMA No Color Powder lock up makeup looks without drying the skin or making it appear ashy, leaving your skin luminous all day long.

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4. Use Brushes, Not Your Hands
One of the keys to making makeup last is keeping away extraneous oils. By using brushes to apply makeup, your face avoids contact with oily hands, which ensures that your products will be effective as long as they’re supposed to be. As a bonus, you should use the right brush for the right area and function, which will create a smooth and polished look. We carry a great selection of makeup brushes to choose from, so you have no excuse!

5. Neutral Eye Shadow
Meet neutral eye shadow, your new best friend. By applying a base layer of eye shadow in beige, cream, or a similar shade, you will help eyeliner stay on your eyes for longer and prevent smudges. And if that wasn’t good enough, a neutral shade will reflect light, brightening your eyes even as the 4 pm drag at work sets in. 

6. Don’t Skimp on Mascara
Full lashes are an important part of your look—and using a good mascara is vital. Though it’s tempting to pick up any old tube at a drugstore, creating a long-lasting look necessitates finding the perfect product that won’t clump or flake. For a smudge-free day, we recommend Kevyn Aucoin’s Volume Mascara.

We completely understand that you have plenty to worry about throughout the day without the intrusion of a makeup meltdown. With the right products and a good beauty regimen, you’ll be on your way to makeup that works (and plays) as hard as you do.

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Saturday, 24 March 2018

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